Sheet Pan Cooking

I jump started the new year with a vow to cook more.  I am a momma of  busy kiddos and our family is constantly on the go.  So cooking felt like such a chore between baseball, basketball, drama  and cheerleading practices.  This is really weird because I LOVE FOOD!  Like REALLY love food.  My family jokes about how the movie Ratatouille is so me. The perfect mixture of food all together (and a little bit of wine, of course.)

So this year I started a new.  I asked for 4 of the most amazing half-sheet pans by William-Sonoma. They have made it so nice.  I am going to share some of the recipes that I have been making in case you too need a quick meal before school or at night.  I was beginning to believe that I couldn’t cook anymore. These pans have made all the difference and allowed me to want to cook again.  I know it seems kind of silly right, like a single pan can do this, but for me it worked.

Whatever it is that you need to get back in the kitchen, I say DO IT!  Believe me your waistline will thank you for it!  The reason I like these pans so much is because they have the ceramic coating on them that helps things not stick as much, they feel sturdier than other pans I have used in the past and they distribute the heat evenly through the pan.  (Read my oven doesn’t cook evenly in all places and this helps spread the heat out.)  Ok, so you can tell I’m a fan!  Here is one of my go to morning recipes. Super simple but looks pretty and the kids gobble it up.

Happy Cooking! Let me know what your cooking, I always love new ideas.

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