Approaching nutrition as a one size fits all usually doesn’t work well.  We all have a different relationship with food.  Determining where you are at can be the biggest asset for your journey.  80% of your effort will be made or broken in the kitchen.  Getting this right could be the DIFFERENCE you are looking for.

Jen is a Certified Master Portion Fix Coach.  She believes nutrition is a large part of the healthy battle and each person is unique in their nutritional path.  Jen firmly believes that your nutrition should work FOR you and  your lifestyle, not against it.

Let Jen help pick out the right plan for YOU. 

Food Relationship

Do you struggle with a healthy relationship with food?

Are you using food to cope? When something goes wrong do you dig in to food or completely steer clear? Have you somehow conviced yourself that what you eat or don't eat says something about who you are as a person? Imagine if.... You had a healthy view of food and no longer had anxiety about what you ate or didn't eat!

Need to Fine Tune your Eating?

Sometimes even eating the RIGHT food doesn't get you the results you are expecting. Proper Portion control can be a simple GAME CHANGER in getting the results you are looking for. With this system you learn to properly fuel your body. When done correctly this will make you feel AMAZING!
Fitness & Nutrition

Combined: Fitness & Nutrition

Ready to overhaul your fitness & nutrition at the same time? Fill out the form below and let's get started. Each fitness program comes with a customized nutrition plan to properly support your body on each program.
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