Whatever you focus on is what you will become.


Have you ever had a really tough day?  The kind where no one thing seemed to fall in place?


You drag yourself to the car, just ready to go home and fall into bed, exhausted and deflated.  As you are driving home, that one song comes on the radio that you can’t help but pull out of your funk and your entire position changes?


This is what I call a perspective shaker.


It’s something that defies the circumstances, yet transforms the mindset in the middle of your muck, shaking your negative perspective lose. Allowing a fresh perspective or optimistic moment to seep into your gloom and doom.


It’s a bit of a Revival!


When one aspect of life feels out of control we often let it transfer over into other parts of our life.  We focus on the things that are going wrong and before we know it, we have a whole slew of things falling to pieces.


In the middle of our crisis sometimes we find that “everything always falls apart at the same time.”


We quickly lose our hope and then other things begin to fall apart.


Jen helps her clients take control of their life one step at a time, usually starting with their health.  She has found that as clients begin to put this critical priority into the proper position their perspective and attitude begin to change.


This translates into every aspect of their lives.  They are more productive at work, have a positive outlook when a bump in the road comes (because they always do) and are able to impact others around them in a larger way.


By taking care of yourself, you will be able to take care of others more effectively and they do the same.  It’s a REVIVAL that begins with YOU!


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