Holly Piorkowski

I am so excited to share with you the heart of a precious friend.  She is gentle and kind.  One of those people I could sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and a warm fuzzy blanket and talk for hours after meeting for the first time.  She is real and vulnerable and easy to be around.  I can’t wait for you to meet Holly…

What is one thing in your purse you can’t live without?

Carmex (boring, I know! But I’m addicted)

Blue Jeans or Dresses?  

Blue Jeans

Heels or Flats?  


Baseball hat or lip gloss?  

Baseball hat 

Pizza or Salad?


Sweet or Salty?


Tell us a little about your story…

I grew up in a Christian home, started out episcopal, then slowly moved into non-denominational. I was baptized when I was 7 years old, and asked Jesus into my heart at that time. My parents sacrificed a LOT to keep us in private, Christian schools… I attended 4 different ones but ended up graduating from Liberty Christian School in Argyle, TX. I always had faith and believed what I read in the bible and that Jesus loved me and gave his life for me! However, I didn’t fully understand the love God has for me until I started going on mission trips with my high school. The first trip I went on was to Jamaica, it totally changed my view to be meeting children who were only 7 years old and taking care of ALL of their siblings because their parents had passed away. Hearing these stories wrecked me, broke my heart, and helped me understand that God’s love is extremely powerful. I watched children who were once discouraged find joy in the love Christ has for them. 

I went on another mission trip to Panama, which also impacted me greatly. However, my heart was completely stolen by children in Kampala, Uganda. I cannot even express to you how much my heart was completely melted by those precious kids. Children who truly had nothing, but their faith — THAT will shake you to the core. I encountered precious children who believed God had the best for them and loved them while they literally had nothing. I then worked with children in Lusaka, Zambia through the company I previously worked for: Family Legacy Missions International. I fell in love with the children of Zambia also! Family Legacy has a “Tree of Life Children’s Village” which is a village (on family legacy’s property) full of houses for 12 orphans who have been signed over to the ministry. These kids come from the worst of the worst situations they have over 45 houses, currently, with plans to expand into other parts of Zambia. I had the privilege of watching children’s lives be COMPLETELY transformed through this program, then given a completely new start through Family Legacy. Watching kids who have had nothing, find their faith, along with a fresh start completely altered how I saw God’s love. His love expands further and deeper than I ever imagined. His heart for HIS children is SO big that he will go to the tiniest slum in the middle of Africa and give that child a way out. It changed me, wrecked me, and reshaped me! We serve an incredible God who will do whatever necessary to bring his people to HIM! There is something so powerful about holding a tiny hand, covered in dirt, and then embodying the love of Christ to share with them the love their heavenly father has for them. Through loving those precious Zambian and Ugandan children, I felt like God gave me the tiniest glimpse into the way HE loves US! Truly, there is nothing like the love God has for HIS children!

What is the most difficult situation/circumstance you have had to go through?

Probably watching my mom go through being disowned by her own father. I was 14 when this happened, it was horrible and heartbreaking… But I also saw her find her true father’s heart and identity in HIS love. Regardless of what her earthly father did/said. It was a super dramatic situation and it really hurt my mom, which as a girl and a daughter is difficult! However, I also saw my mom completely transformed into finding her identity in Christ, alone.

If you could look back and help other women by sharing a piece of your life experience, what would be the major events or lessons that you would share?

Don’t give people power they shouldn’t have, allow the Lord to be where you find your true value!

What has that lesson changed in you?

I don’t allow my desire to please people to dominate me, previously, I cared so much about making them happy I would completely forget to consult the Lord. I would make my focus be on how I could make another person happy when really I needed to talk to the Lord about it and ask him what I should do/how I should handle the situation. 

If you could do one thing every day of your life forever, what would it be? 

Surf at the lake 🙂

See what I mean?!  She is down to earth with a heart of gold.  I hope her story stirred something in you!

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