In Jen’s experience working with clients she has found that many clients have a desire to take care of themselves, but are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. 

Because fitness is an important factor in how we feel about ourselves and how are bodies are set up to handle stress it is important, many of Jen’s clients have a desire to be coached in this area.

If fitness is one of the areas you would like to work on, we can help you on your way.  Set goals and hold you accountable.

Jen sets out to help make your journey, your way.

She is a master of goal setting and has the resources and experience to find a program that will work for you, whatever your goals are.

A workout plan you can do wherever you are.

A busy day, need to knock your workout out at home…


Need to squeeze your workout in on your lunch break…


Traveling and need to have a no equipment workout…


Want to hit the gym on your own time…


Jen will help you find the right program for you. 

From Yoga and Pilates to heavy lifting, you decide.


Let’s set you up with a plan that works with your life, not against it. We have options from Yoga to Heavy Lifting to Cardio and HIIT. Let’s pick the option that works best for you.  Don’t fret; if you get into it and need to switch you will have the flexibility to change.

Run the race alongside others that are going after their goals too.  It’s always better to have people cheering you on than to try and go it alone.

Celebrate frequently as you get stronger, healthier and happier! Physical breakthrough often opens the door for a whole new world of strength.

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