Fit City Challenge

I am so glad you’re here!  I know it can be a little intimidating to step up and say “I want to do something different” or “I WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE” the good news is, you ALREADY DID the uncomfortable part…. you’re here! now It’s time to get this party on!  It’s time to feel like you again!

Friend, let’s Kick sluggish, unhealthy self-conscious, beat down, angry, anxious, impatient and grumpy to the curb!  Let me re-introduce you to BRAVE, CONFIDENT, STRONG, HAPPY, HEALTHY, ALIVE AND FREE!!    After all that’s who you were created to be!

Don’t get me wrong it is going to take work, but you won’t be doing it alone.  Transformation is what you’re looking for and we will walk this path together girl! Healthy isn’t just about your body, it’s about your mind and your spirit too! Stinking thinking is what we brought to the table and TRUTH is what we are leaving with.  I’m sure you are asking yourself a few questions right about now like…..

 How does this work?  Why would i do this? What all does this include?   Here’s the deal.  I make it super easy.  My coaching is all done virtually and you will also be a part of our fit city accountability group.  You will not only be getting healthy, but making FRIENDS along the way… if you want that sort of thing.  We share recipes and tips and motivations.  I will also be working with you individually to make sure your program is TAILORED TO YOU.  My accountability groups typically run for 30 days. the first week is a prep week, getting you ready for the week ahead, followed by three weeks of the program.  At the end of that time we reassess to discuss what will be next on your journey.  We will walk it out every step of the way.  Life is busy and it is not always easy to figure it out alone.  I am here to help make that transition EASIER, to keep you ON TRACK and SMASH YOUR GOALS!



As new moms it can be so HARD TO FIND TIME to focus on yourself again. My accountability groups make it much easier with

  • 30 minute at home workouts
  • clean eating meal plan
  • superfoods shake
  • support of other new moms

My groups are full of women all figuring out how to BALANCE work, family, and somehow take care of themselves in the mix! We check in with one another daily, share recipes, ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER through our slip ups, and celebrate our victories together! The group is run through a private app so only you and the other women in the group will see your conversations.


Prior to joining the accountability group we will talk in depth about your health and fitness goals and find the program that fits YOUR GOALS as well as YOUR LIFESTYLE. The programs can range from dance to cardio to weight lifting and all have individualized meal plans to make sure you see the BEST RESULTS. Each program will come with colored Tupperware containers that you fill up with your food for the day. For example, your green container is for your veggies, your red container is for your protein, and so on. It makes it super easy to make sure your portions stay in check and that you are eating the right amount of each food. 


The accountability group is a place where we all check in with one another daily, provide daily support, share recipes, and help HOLD ONE ANOTHER ACCOUNTABLE. It is an incredible community of women who are all facing many of the same struggles. This is truly where the magic happens and what separates my program from an at home DVD.