Hi, I’m Jen.

An entrepreneur, creator, and believer that ANYTHING  is possible.  I am dedicated to helping you become who you were created to be.

I have always had a passion for helping others.  I have an uncanny belief that YOU are capable of ANYTHING.  Don’t believe me, it’s ok.  I’ll believe in YOU enough for both of us until you start to believe it too.

Sure, I am a health and fitness coach, but more than anything I am a MINDSET coach.  Because in the end, that is what keeps us from “finishing the program,” “falling off the wagon,” or “quitting.”

She believed she could, so she DID… isn’t a saying.  It’s a fact.  Without belief, the changes you desire, the business you want to build, the life you want to live won’t happen.

So remember, whatever your next adventure…

A dream without action is just a wish.

Corporate Exec turned MINDSET/HEALTH COACH

As a previous corporate ladder climber, Jen understands what it takes to get ahead in the modern corporate environment. She has almost 20 years of experience working within large companies as a trainer, national sales manager, and Vice President of Operations.

Jen not only brings a vast amount of experience but a passion for helping others see and believe their own purpose and potential.

She is commonly known as a Life Speaker, that calls out things in her clients and friends that they have yet to see in themselves. She has a fiery passion to see others come alive, which often starts as a “getting fit” journey and turns into a life transformation.