Have you ever heard a story that changes you?  I mean REALLY changes you? A while back I was told a story about when military groups go into foreign countries and are trying to change a culture, they go form relationships with the  WOMEN.  Why you ask?  Because women LEAD homes and homes change communities and communities change countries! Women are the BACKBONE Of change and raising the NEXT GENERATIONThat is why it is so important that we don’t forget about ourselves.  We make sure that we are fed inside and out so that we can pour those things out to our people.

Girl, we are about to get really tight! I am about to become your fitness mentor and your fit sister in Christ!   When I started this journey I had no idea where this would lead me.  I was just a worn out Mama with a desire to get myself HEALTHY and CONNECT  with other women.  Don’t worry, I’ve been knee deep in diapers and busy schedules too, so I totally get it.  I’m going to equip you with the same tools that I use that gave me a fresh start!

We don’t have time to put ourselves off for one more day.  It’s time that we take ourselves back, so all of those people that you impact every day get the BEST, HEALTHIEST, FIRING ON A CYLINDERS, ROCKSTAR you were CREATED to be!

So let’s do this thing together.  Don’t worry, I’ll walk with you every step of the way.  Just follow the star!